Kmart "Aftermath"

Amiable Athletes!

 SKY Channel "Cops"

 Newcastle "Keyshawn Johnson"

WHPF Chance "Microwave"

 Doritos "Mariachis"

Fetishly Fiesta!

Screws missing!

WHPF "iv and D-fib"

 SKY Channel "Farmer and Vet"

 Carling "Hoggy"

Big Dreamers!

 Carling "Trick Shot"

Surprisingly Technical Comedy!

Genre Spoofing!

The Implausible!

Crazy Plans!

Kozel "Tourist"

 Mentos "Runner"

Unique Dilemmas!

Carling Idents


Sneaky Peoples!

 Robinson's Squashed

 LHN "Tour"



Tense Absurdity!

 Carling Office "Escape"

 Peugeot "Gary's Cat"

 Etisalat  "Smiles"

 Scion "Foot Model"

 Carling  "Seagull"

Party Times!

 Burger King "Satisfries"

 SKY              Channel     "Gangsters"

 WHPF "Rash"

 Carling "Apple Bob"


 WHPF  "Ankle"

 Kmart "Sleep Like a Dog"

The Botched Job!

Animal Love!

Home to the films of comedy commercial director Dax Martinz-Vargas, D.G.A.

 SKY Channel "Hospital Drama"

More Heart!

 SKY Channel "Period Piece Drama"

More Commercials 

 Reese's " Cup Jump Bridge Stunt"

Stubborn Fools!

 Comfy "Phones"

Kozel "Tourist"

 Welcome to Chez Dax

 Coors "The Mountain Speech"